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US Senator Mike Johanns, serving the Great State of Nebraska




Senator Johanns App
Senator Johanns App
US Senator Mike Johanns, Official Mobile App
Senator Mike Johanns has embraced smart phone technology as an additional means to keep constituents in Nebraska well informed on relevant topics, current issues, and items of interest to all Nebraskans. This app makes it easy to stay connected with Senator Johanns and provides one-click access to the most current news, messages, videos, podcasts, and other information published by the Senator.

An online demonstration of this app available here. You'll also find the PC version of the app on this same demonstration page. The PC version is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac computers.

Senator Mike Johanns' app is free and is available now for Android devices and Windows, Linux and Mac computers. IOS version coming soon.

a1APPS, inc Meets with Senator Mike Johanns
August 8, 2011

Our Apps are Available on NOOK Color™
NOOK App : a1APPS Calculator

NOOK App : Memory

Memory Game
NOOK App : Imperial Units Estimating Calculator

Imperial Calculator
NOOK App : a1APPS Marble Game

Marble Game

Candidates NOOK App : Candidates
NOOK App : a1APPS Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw Puzzles



HCB Start

Loan Calculator, Portrait



Loan Calculator, Landscape
HCB app
Heartland Community Bank
Heartland Community Bank
Heartland Community Bank serves Southeast Nebraska with branches in Avoca, Bennet, Nebraska City, and Weeping Water.

The HCB app is a convenient way to contact Heartland Community Bank, providing one-click access to each branch location. On start-up, the app calculates the nearest branch location and displays the branch information. Click the phone icon to place a call to the bank. Click any of the listed branches to refresh the branch display.

The app includes two easy to use calculators, one for simple loans, and the other for basic math functions.

The Heartland Community Bank app is available now on the Android Market, and is a free app from Heartland Community Bank.
a1APPS, inc.
Android is the most popular and most widely deployed operating system (OS) for mobile devices worldwide. Over 300,000 new Android devices are activated daily giving your company an ability to connect with existing and prospective customers in ways that were simply not possible just a few short years ago. The Android operating system is robust, the network is fast, and the possibilities for your business are endless!

An interesting article was recently published in Wired Magazine: The Android Explosion

a1APPS, inc. develops apps for Android, Windows/Linux PC's, and Macs. We specialize in helping businesses extend their marketing reach with feature rich applications that can be deployed to a variety of platforms.

More than just an image on a phone, our apps are loaded with functions and are programmed with your specific business objectives in mind. Our approach to business app development is to help you take full advantage of what these platforms can do to help you share your message with a wide audience of existing and prospective customers. When we write your app, we know that it's not about us!

Android Apps: Scroll through this page to review our portfolio of published apps and consider the added value to your marketing programs that one of our apps might bring to your business.
PC Apps: When we write your app, we'll also build a version that can be downloaded from your website and installed on your customers' PC's and Macs. When your app is installed on a PC, a convenient "shortcut" gives your company space on what has been called "the last piece of real estate available to advertisers", the PC "Desktop." Your PC app will start with a "double-click", just like any other installed applications.
Web Apps: We'll also build a web version of your app that you can host on your website. Our goal is to make your app as widely accessible as possible.
We make it easy to get an app for your business
  1. We prepare a "proof" of the app for your review and approval
  2. We deliver the completed app for you to install and test
  3. When you're ready, we publish immediately.
  4. When we publish your app, we create a Quick Response (QR) chart for your website and printed media
  5. We prepare and deliver a web page template with your app embedded. Your visitors will be able to run your app on your website.
  6. We prepare and deliver a web page with an "install badge" to allow PC users to install your app on their computers

Still have questions or want to discuss your app with us? Just send us a note:

Review our published apps by browsing this page. If you're viewing from a PC, you can scan the QR charts with your Android phone (2.2 froyo only) to connect to the app's install page on the Android market. If you're viewing on your phone, just click the QR chart.

~ More Branded a1APPS for Businesses ~

Eat, Sleep, Travel

CT WineTrail Start

CT WineTrail Wineries

Wine Lists

CT WineTrail Events
CT Wine Trail app
CT WineTrail
Connecticut WineTrail
The CT WineTrail includes 24 wineries across the beautiful State of Connecticut.

The wineries and vineyards of the Connecticut Wine Trail are all members of the Connecticut Vineyard and Winery Association. This organization is dedicated to the development and promotion of Connecticut as a wine producing region. The collective efforts of the CVWA increase awareness and appreciation for the quality wines produced in Connecticut.

The CT WineTrail app is a wonderful companion during your tour of the CT WineTrail. The app calculates the distances to the wineries and shows you which one is closest. Loaded with maps, lists, and lots of features, the app is designed to be informative and entertaining.

The CT WineTrail app is free and is available now from the Android market. iPhone users, the app will be available soon for your iPhones and iPads!

Hallow Candle Co., Lincoln, NE
"My new app is great, my customers are excited about it and it is very engaging. The app was created unbelievably fast, and my input and approval was asked for and taken care of at every stage! Love it!"
Visit us on the web: HallowCandle.com
~Sarah Allison




Hallow Candle Co. App
HALLOW CANDLE CO., 33rd & O Streets, Lincoln, NE
Hallow Candle Co. is located at 33rd and O Streets in Lincoln, NE. The Hallow Candle app includes several nice features to help you stay connected with Hallow Candle Co. The app interface is 4 screens wide. Just touch and drag left or right to move from screen to screen. This interface is implemented in a way that mimics the behavior of your phone's native desktop.

Hallow Candle products are available at 33rd & O Street in Lincoln, and at other locations as well. This screen, the left most on the app is a directory of retailers where Hallow Candle products can be purchased.

Opportunities to gather with friends at Hallow Candle are diplayed on the Events screen. This list is updated frequently and is refreshed when you start the app. The Hallow Candle App makes it easy to keep up with special events as they are scheduled by Hallow Candle Co.

Hallow Candle is on Facebook, publishes videos frequently to HallowCandleTV on YouTube, and has an e-commerce section of their website to allow you to purchase online. Additionally, Sarah at Hallow Candle uses Twitter to keep her customers informed about promotions on your favorite Hallow Candle products. Her most recent "tweet" appears on this screen, along with the location and distance to the nearest location where you can purchase Hallow Candle products.

Whenever you're standing in line, waiting for the children, or just need to take a break, the Game screen featuring a challenging tile puzzle is easy and fun. This simple skill game will entertain people of all ages.

The Hallow Candle app can be downloaded now from the Android market.

CLOCKTOWER, 70th & A Streets, Lincoln, NE
"We are grateful for being pointed to a1APPS. We interviewed many companies to produce our web site, and their knowledge and enthusiasm far exceeded what we were looking for.
Our new web site along with the apps are marketing tools that can and will get the Shopping Center and business noticed! You can actually browse our site on your phone, and if you click the QR, (Quick Response code), next to Clocktower, it goes straight to the Android Market where you can install our app.
They also made our new LED Monument Sign virtually live on our web site and app! WOW!!!
Their style and ability to QUICKLY produce what you are looking for sets a1APPS apart from other companies I have worked with in the past. Their response time is fantastic! They will go above and beyond to get the project to you in a timely fashion!! I would recommend a1APPS to anyone that is looking for a company that is: Creative, Fast, and with Extensive Knowledge of the Technology Market!"
~Susan Coffey



Marbles Game

Visit the NEW ClockTowerShopping.com, by a1Apps, Inc.
ClockTower App
The ClockTower app was developed for ClockTower Shopping Center located at 70th & A Streets in Lincoln, Nebraska. The app displays hours of operation for the ClockTower stores, lists scheduled events at the center, and includes a game called "Marbles". The app interface is 3 screens wide on your Android smart phone. To move from screen to screen just touch and drag left or right, just like panning the Android desktop

ClockTower is available now on the Android Market and is a Free app from ClockTower Shopping Center, 70th & A Streets, Lincoln, Nebraska.
If you want the PC version of this app, visit ClockTowerShopping.com and click the link.


Videos & More

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Special Offers
Aqua Systems
Aqua Systems App
Aqua Systems, Lincoln, NE
Aqua Systems has helped people improve their water since 1959.

We are a water treatment company specializing in water softeners, drinking water systems, water purification, problem water solutions, and large scale water solutions for business and industry. We serve South East Nebraska as part of a company with over 300 dealers nationwide.

The Aqua Systems app includes videos, information on water systems, links to relevant Internet Content, and Special Offers from Aqua Systems.

A demonstration of the Aqua Systems App is available here. The Aqua Systems app is a free app and is available now from the Android market.

Linville's Wine & Deli, Poquoson, VA

Install the Linville's Wine and Deli app to receive daily specials and announcements from this retail wine shop and deli located in Poquoson, VA. Call the store from the app, email the store, connect with Linville's Wine and Deli on Facebook, and play their fun "tile puzzle" game.

Available now on the Android Market, the app is a gift to you from your friends at Linville's Wine & Deli.

Want this app for your PC? Vist the Linville's Wine & Deli install page where you'll also find a demonstration of this app.

"The app you developed for Linville's Wine & Deli has really helped with my biz...people can download my app and have accessability by phone, twitter, facebook and even email me. Love my app and would strongly recommend for any buisness to call and see what you can do for them."
Linville's Wine and Deli is on Facebook: Our Facebook Page
~Brenda Linville

Linville's Wine & Deli
Linville's Wine & Deli App
Home and Farm Insurance
"a1Apps did an outstanding job of listening to what we wanted in an application. We feel this application will be one more tool for our clients that will set us apart from the competition. We wanted to have a way for our clients to be able to get service, contact us, and have some fun. We feel that this application accomplishes all these goals. Keep up the good work a1APPS team."
Visit us on the web: Home and Farm.com
~Tim Norris

Marbles Game


Customer Services


Tim's Jigsaw Puzzles
Home and Farm Insurance
Home and Farm App
Home and Farm Insurance serves Lincoln, NE and surrounding areas from their offices in Bennet, NE.

Home and Farm Insurance wanted an app that would replicate many of the customer services available on their website. In addition, jigsaw puzzles using the owner's photos and a challenging marbles game are included to make for an interesting and entertaining Android app.

The Home and Farm app is 5 Android screens wide. The interface allows panning from left to right, in much the same way that you pan the Android desktop. This multiple screen interface allows us to include lots of app features and functions while keeping information readable and the functions easy to use.

The Home and Farm app is a Free download for your Android phone and is provided as another example of the professional and courteous services that are provided by Home and Farm Insurance.

MGionni Fashions, Lincoln, NE

MGionni Fashions, Lincoln, NE
a1Apps, Inc. provided application programming services for a marketing group that allowed them to deliver an Android App to their customer, MGionni Fashions, a retail clothier in Lincoln, Nebraska. Their team supplied a list of requested features and the graphics for the app. Our team provided the programming and market publishing expertise, along with the Quick Response (QR) chart to facilitate access to the market download page.

MGionni is a Free application, available on the Android Market.

"Love this app! Puzzle is hard, but a lot of fun." ~Beno

"This app is awsome! Membership card on the app gives you a 15% discount!" ~Michael
MGionni App
Steve's Mobile Auto Glass
Steve's Mobile Auto Glass
Steve's Mobile Auto Glass specializes in repairing rock chips, long cracks, and replacing auto glass.
Steve's Mobile Auto Glass
Steve's Mobile Auto Glass
Steve's Mobile Auto Glass
David Tuttle

David Tuttle Contact App
Better than a business card that get's lost in the pile and much faster than scrolling through a long list of contacts, an Android contact app from a1Apps makes it convenient and easy to place a call, send an email, and retrieve the latest tweet from a business contact.

"a1Apps helped me, a computer novice, understand how to get the most from an Android app. Their service is timely and thorough and I couldn't be happier with the results." ~David Tuttle
David Tuttle
David Tuttle App
Hot Leads

Hot Leads Contact App
Just launch the Contact App, click to dial, click to email, click to text (SMS), and best of all, stay current with a recent announcement, tip, special offer, or other important message from your contact.
Hot Leads
Hot Leads App
Handy Man Services
Anytime Anywhere Handyman Services, Lincoln, NE
Whether you're locked out, need a quick repair, or have a bigger project in mind, you can search the yellow pages, the Internet, or just launch this app to contact Jeremy at Anytime Anywhere Handyman Services. Odds are good he'll be there before you solve the puzzle!

"My new website and app are absolutely fabulous! a1Apps listened to me and designed everything to be easy for me to use and not bog down my operation. That's important to me because I'm a one-man Handyman Business!"
Our website: Anytime Anywhere Handyman Services
Handyman Services
HandyMan App

a1APPS, inc - Android Apps

a1Apps, inc. also develops interesting, informative, and entertaining apps that we publish for Android devices and PC's. We're working diligently to write apps that we believe you'll enjoy installing on your Android phone and your PC. If you're viewing this page on a PC, just scan the Quick Response (QR) chart next to the app description to go straight to the Android market page for the app. If you're viewing this page on your Android phone, just click the QR chart. Our apps are compatible with Android 2.2 and newer. If your phone does not meet this requirement, you'll encounter errors when you click or scan.
~ Connect to Politicians ~
Senate Tweet

a1Apps, Inc. makes it easy to stay connected with all 100 US Senators. Connect with them on Facebook, browse their photos on Flickr, listen to podcasts, visit their websites, email them, and best of all get instant updates from them through Twitter. Our researchers have done all of the searching for you and we've pulled together the publishing activities of all United States Senators into one easy to use app.

Get Senate Tweet from the Android market for only $2.99.

To test Senate Tweet FREE, visit our SenateTweet demonstration page
Senate Tweet
SenateTweet App

Who's running for President of the United States in 2012? The race for the Whitehouse is heating up as more and more hopefuls begin the process of exploring their chances for a Presidential bid during the 2012 campaign.

Our data files that drive Candidates are updated frequently to help you stay in front of all of the news from official candidates for the office of President of the United States.

We like to provide you with a "try it, before you buy it" page for our apps. Visit our demonstration page for Candidates. If you're viewing this page on your Android phone, just click the QR chart.
Candidate Tweets
Candidates App

NOOK App : Candidates
Governor Tweet

a1Apps, Inc. helps you connect with all 50 US Governors. Connect with them on Facebook, browse their photos on Flickr, listen to their podcasts, visit their websites, email them, and get tweets. Our researchers have done all of the searching for you and we've pulled together the publishing activities of all Governors from across the US.

Get Governor Tweet from the Android market for only $2.99.

To test Governor Tweet FREE, visit our GovernorTweet demonstration page
Governor Tweet
GovernorTweet App
~ Fun, Challenging Games for Android ~
Remember Game

Remember Game
Easy and challenging, match shapes, match colors, or match both. A great way to indroduce young children to colors and shapes.

As young children begin to develop an ability to recognize color, this game is a nice way to reinforce their new skill. Match by color lets children search for red, green, yellow, cyan, and magenta objects to find any shapes with matching colors.

Remember can also be played matching shapes. Players search for triangles, squares, and circles randomly hidden behind the cover tiles.

When they're ready, Remember can be played to match shapes that are the same color. Available now for Android.

Remember Game
Remember Game App
Marbles Game

Marbles Game
This marbles game uses your Android device's "accelerometer" feature, letting you tilt the device to guide the marble around the screen. Bump new marbles when they're added to the screen. You'll score 1 point for each bumped marble, your marble gets a flag, and you take control of the marble you bumped. Just watch out for those flagged marbles, if you bump one, GAME OVER!

Play Marbles
Marbles Game App

NOOK App : a1APPS Marble Game

With 9 skill levels, our Sudoku game can be played by novices and experts. Our interpretation of this popular numbers game lets you play in much the same way you might play on paper, placing all possible numbers in the cells and then solving the game through a process of elimination. We also provide a "Show Hints" option, showing you all of the numbers on the board that are correctly placed.

Sudoku is available on the Android market for only $1.99.

To play Sudoku FREE, visit our Sudoku page where you'll also find a PC version of this game.
Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw Puzzles
Jigsaw Puzzles are delivered to this app from our internet database. So as we add new puzzles, anyone with the app installed will get them automatically. When you start this app just scroll through the puzzles to find one that looks fun or especially challenging, then tap "Start". The puzzle pieces will load and then will scatter randomly across the screen.

We have developed this app for Android smart phones and tablets, all that is needed is an active connection to the Internet (3G or wi-fi).

Want to try a few puzzles before you decide to install this app? Visit our Jigsaw Puzzles page. If you decide to install Jigsaw Puzzles on your Android smart phone or tablet, just scan the Quick Response Chart (QRC).

Jigsaw Puzzles is also available for your desktop or laptop computer. Download it from our Jigsaw Puzzles download page

Jigsaw Puzzles
Jigsaw Puzzles App

NOOK App : a1APPS Jigsaw Puzzles

Memory Game

Memory Game
We've taken a very popular children's game and interpreted it for use on your Android mobile device. Memory uses a standard deck of playing cards (jokers are wild), and requires you to match pairs. Our game keeps track of your "peeks" and "pairs" and calculates your success. Not just a fun game, this is an entertaining way to improve memory skills.

Try this game on our demonstration page Memory

Concentration Card Gamel
Memory Game

NOOK App : Memory
~ Useful Tools When Your Away From The Office ~

Imperial Units Estimating Calculator
Imperial Units Estimating Calculator

Imperial Units Estimating Calculator for Android
When you're in the field with this calculator you'll find it easy to calculate lengths, areas, volumes, and hypotenuses in feet and inches (Imperial Units of Measure). Quickly convert between any imperial units to convert from square feet, for example, to square yards.

These calculators are called "Imperial Units Calculators", "Feet and Inches Calculators", "Home Improvement Calculators", "Contractors Calculators", and "Architect's Calculators", to name just a few. Ours includes a unit cost feature to estimate the cost of new construction, an addition, or a remodel project.

This calculator switches automatically from Portrait to Landscape view when you rotate your phone.

Contractor Calculator
Contractor's Calculator App

NOOK App : Imperial Units Estimating Calculator

Accountant Calculator for Android Accountant's Calculator

Accountant Calculator for Android
Developed for Android 2.2 (froyo) smart phones, this calculator is designed to mimic the functions and input methods of the calculator that is on the desk in your office. The app has a virtual tape to allow reviews and updates and we even included an "insert to tape" feature, just in case you skipped an entry.

The image to the left illustrates the Accountant Calculator in "portrait" orientation, "landscape" orientation is also supported when you rotate your phone. Loaded with features, this Accountant Calculator is available on the Android Market for $1.50.

Accountant Calculator for Android
Accountant Calculator App
Calculator for Android
Calculator for Android
Loan Calculator

This calculator includes a virtual tape and two display windows, one for the tape and a second for the subtotal. Once you've used the virtual tape this is very likely to be your favorite calculator.

We've just added a simple Loan Calculator, just toggle between the calculators by clicking the notice at the bottom of the screen.

Our calculator auto orients between Portrait and Landscape to let you decide the most comfortable layout for use.

Calculator for Android
Calculator App

NOOK App : a1APPS Calculator

~ Connect With Local Businesses ~
DineLocal Lincoln, NE

DineLocal, Lincoln, NE
Want to know what's happening at your favorite locally owned and managed restaurants in Lincoln, Nebraska? DineLocal let's you review daily specials and events whenever you're looking for a place to gather with friends, your family, or business associates. We're working to engage more restaurants and to get DineLocal up and running in more cities across the US. You can help by telling restaurants that you'd like to see them listed in DineLocal!

DineLocal is FREE on the Android Market.

Want to see the app in action or install the PC version? Just visit Our DineLocal Page
DineLocal Lincoln NE
DineLocal Lincoln, NE App
Nebraska Wineries and Tasting Rooms

Tasting Rooms

NE Wineries

Nebraska Wineries
Nebraska Wineries App
This app will introduce you to wine making in Nebraska and help you plan your tour across the State to visit Nebraska Wineries. Connect with Nebraska Wineries and Tasting Rooms on their websites, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. Contact them by phone or email, and purchase their products from your phone using the online e-commerce site vinoshipper.

Available now on the Android Market, NE Wine is just $1.25
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